Name: Restaurant Radio  (link to their website)

Julius Thomsens Gade 12
1632 Copenhagen, Denmark

Tues.-Thurs.     5:30pm~12:00am
Fri.-Sat.            12:00pm~3:00pm  &  5:30pm~12:00am

Reservations are highly recommended. I made a reservation 4 days in advance and I was only able to get a table at 8:45.
(+45) 2510 2733  Very English friendly!

IMG_2963 (2)
Packed restaurant! Lots of chic young professional Danes dining here tonight. 



IMG_2964 (2)
You hang your own coat, like I am at a friend’s place. Copenhagen is so trustworthy!

IMG_2966 (2)
A very simple yet appetizing menu. The menu changes depending on the local produce. 

IMG_2967 (2) IMG_2968 (2)
Complimentary from the Kitchen. Mushroom cream on chip.

Water (50DKK) 

IMG_2970 (2)
You can usually get free tap water in restaurants in Copenhagen. 


IMG_2977 (2)
This bread and onion butter were amazing! After this bread, I am an official fan of Danish bread. 



Scallops, Jerusalem Artichoke, Apple

IMG_2978 (2)
IMG_2981 (2)
Refreshing and you can taste the freshness of the scallops. 


Wine (400DKK)
IMG_2982 (2)
Looking back, probably should have gotten the white wine. But this wine was delicious!



Plaice, Cabbage, Row
IMG_2983 (2) IMG_2986 (2)
Plaice is a type of flatfish, commonly eaten in Denmark. They made ‘Row’ into a mousse form and it tastes fantastically with the fish. And you can taste the freshness of the fish. 



Cauliflower, Nuts, Browned Butter

IMG_2987 (2)
IMG_2988 (2)
Best cauliflowers of my life! I really want to emulate this at home! 



Free Range Pork, Leek, Whey
IMG_2995 (2) IMG_2998 (2)
I associate ‘Whey’ with ‘Whey Protein’ and I never asked myself what ‘Whey’ is. The internet tells me, “Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained.”



Beetroot, Milk, Aronia Berries

IMG_2999 (2) IMG_3003 (2) IMG_3011 (2)
Homemade milk ice cream with dried beetroot and aronia berries. The chunky pieces are like milk meringue. They added a crunchy texture to the creamy dessert. 


I picked the five-course meal for 500 DKK. They also provide a three-course meal for 300 DKK. Each plate came in dainty portions but 5 dainty portions and bread can really fill a person up. The waiters are very knowledgeable about what they serve and speak impeccable English. 500DKK is about $90USD, but this is Denmark and the quality of food coming out of this kitchen is amazing. Totally worth it and I would come back again the next time I visit this city.

Restaurant Radio is apart of the new change in Danish cuisine, which focuses on fresh local produce. They own farm land outside of the city and are pretty hands on with what is grown on this land.

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Hohoffs 800°

Hohoffs 800°

Deusener Straße 215
44369 Dortmund-Deusen

Tues.-Fri.     5:00pm~10:00pm
Sat.                 5:00pm~11:00pm
Sun.               1:00pm~3:00pm  &  5:00pm~10:00pm

Reservations are highly recommended. You can reserve through their website. (In German Only)



Old Church converted into a restaurant. Charming!



Complementary homemade rosemary olive and onion bread. 


Some one will come to your table and make a personalized steak sauce. (Check out that skull!)



So the steak sauce comes to you in a heavy mortar. 



Caesar Salad – klein     (7,00 €)




800° US Beef Tartar mit 3 Brick     (18,00 €)

Beef tartar done 3 ways – (1) Aged Parmesan cheese (36 months);  (2) Arugula, pine nuts and dried tomatoes; (3) BBQ Sauce with crispy bacon



Tenderloin – Gentleman’s Cut 350g     (48,00 €)

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????



800° NY-Potatoes     (5,00 €)

Potatoes with bacon, cheddar cheese and crème fraîche



800° Mais Crème Brûlée     (5,00 €)

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????
Corn creme brulee. Something along the lines of creamed corn but more elevated. Favorite side dish at this restaurant.



HOHOFFS NY-Cheesecake     (8,00 €) 
Cheesecake with red fruits and berry sorbet.


The overall dining experience was perfect – service, food, ambiance.

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Diddy Riese

Diddy Riese

926 Broxton Ave 
 Westwood, CA 90024

Mon-Thurs     10:00 am ~ 12:00 am
Fri                   10:00 am ~ 1:00 am
Sat                  12:00 pm ~ 1:00 am
Sun                 12:00 pm ~ 12:00 am


Went there around 3 in the afternoon. Line avoided!

I remember when it was $1.00…

Fresh cooooooookies!

Espresso ice cream with candy chip cookies

Mint chocolate chip ice cream with candy chip cookies


Local favorite. I always stop by when I’m in the area.

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Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

1305 Highland Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Mon-Fri     6:00 am ~ 3:00 pm
Sat-Sun     7:00 am ~ 3:00 pm


What a beautiful Sunday!


Quite a busy day. Had to wait 30 minutes for a table. 

Check out that great view!



Potatoes Stroganoff ($8.50)
Hash browns sauteed with crumbled bacon and melted American cheese, topped with sour cream. 



Expo ’73 Omelette ($10.50)

American cheese, onions, mushrooms, ham. bacon, sausage, topped with meat sauce and sour cream.

I highly recommend this to any carnivorous eaters.



Macadamia Nut Pancakes 
For an additional dollar to the omelette order, you can choose other pancake options! Perfectly fluffy pancakes. They tasted great the next day too!



Bon Appetit!


Brunch…best meal ever. Everything I had at Uncle Bill’s was delicious! After a meal like this, it’s best to take a stroll around the area. Lots of cute boutique shops nearby. Not to mention, the beach is just a few minutes walk away!

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I Love Taipei (The Last Hurrah)

My time in Taipei has reached a bittersweet end so this will be my last post on food/restaurant in Taipei. I spent the last few days eating some of my favorite foods:


Beef Noodle Soup 半肉半筋牛肉麵




Truffle XLB 松露小籠包




Vegetable & Pork Wonton w/ Spicy Sauce 菜肉紅油抄手




Thousand Year Old Egg and Tofu 皮蛋豆腐




Shrimp Wontons 鮮蝦大餛飩




Shaved Ice 雪花冰





Tofu with Peanut



Chicken Soup with Lotus Flower




Honey Toast 蜜糖土司





Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐




Despite my relocation, I will not stop posting! I can’t wait for my next culinary destination!

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Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Shimogamo, Higashi Takagi-cho 13-4

Mon-Sun     11:30am~3:00pm (2:30pm last call)
7:30pm~11:00pm (10:30pm last call)
Closed on Wed, maybe Thurs


Just landed in Japan…first stop, ramen!


Snuggled right next to the Ishidas.



Learned about this ramen shop from



I starved myself all day so I can have a proper first meal in Japan. Ain’t no sign gonna stop me!



Zen walk 



Traditional seating





Since I invited myself 30 minutes before opening, I had some time to look around while the noodles were being prepared. How cute is this bib?!



Mamezen ramen set with yuba donburi rice bowl (¥1,400 + ¥100 for a normal bowl)

What separates this ramen from the rest is the outstanding dashi soymilk soup. Warning, this rich and smooth soup can conjure addictive qualities!   I drank until there was no more and contemplated about buying a second bowl…



Chef Yonekawa and me. Couldn’t have asked for a better first meal in Japan. 


The food is really good but the friendly atmosphere is even better. Chef Yonekawa really tries to make you feel at home.

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Xian Ding Wei 鮮定味

Xian Ding Wei Seafood Stirfry Restaurant

No. 67, ChangAn East Rd. Sect. 1, ZhongShan District, Taipei City

Mon-Sun    5:30pm~2:00am

Make reservations if you have a big group or going there on the weekends. 02-2567-3331



One of the big ones on the street full of Taiwanese Rechaos



Something for everyone!



Hakka stir-fry     客家小炒     (100NT)



Spicy chicken     辣子雞丁     (100NT)

Don’t worry, it’s not that spicy! 



Bitter melon (bitter gourd) with salted egg     鹹蛋山苦瓜     (100NT)

It is not for everyone. A lot of people dislike the slightest taste of bitter melon. Personally, it’s one of my favorites and I get it every time. 

Salted egg is a preserved egg that has been soaked in water with salt (brine). Read more about it here! 



Mixed sashimi pieces     綜合肚生魚片     (200NT)



Deep Fried Egg Tofu     老皮嫩肉     (100NT)

It is egg tofu which has been fried only until the skin turns brown, which leaves the inside extremely tender. Another personal favorite of mine. 

KiKi Restaurant does it the best! Click here! Then again, KiKi’s dish is twice the price. 



Kung-pao chicken     宮保雞丁     (100NT)

The standard dish to get! But it’s not extraordinary here. 



Grilled miso fish     香烤味噌魚     (150NT)


Rechao (熱炒, “hot fry”) is a casual Taiwanese restaurant to eat and drink inexpensively with your friends. If you notice, most of the dishes are 100NT.

There are many other famous rechao restaurants on ChangAn East Rd.

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